Sunday, August 2, 2009


No peas and cornbread in this first post, though they are loved, and will come later.

Today, we Southern folks skipped Sunday Dinner and had popcorn and a big diet Coke instead, at the early matinee of Harry Potter.

And just now, no collards or snap beans or pintos for us---I put a pot of salted water on to boil, washed several of the huge juicy red tomatoes, right from the vine, and chopped them into a bowl. I went out to the garden and cut the shiny-bright heads from three stems of basil, scissors-snipped them into the salted tomatoes with a little stream of olive oil.

A quick toss with the hot, just-tender farfalle, leaning into the steam for a deep breath of Summer's best pasta dish: Hot Caprese pasta, with a great snowing from the block of Parmesan. Salad and toasty-bread and another installment of Warehouse 13, with the one ever-present Southern must-have: Big glasses of 40-weight iced tea.

Nice restful day.


  1. Reading this was like a nap in the shade of a big tree with a cool breeze blowing over you when everything is right with your world.
    I know that you know exactly what I mean.

  2. How very sweet, Mona!!! I think you and I love the COZY of life, and try to make it as comfortable for our Lovies as we can.

    Thank you for the lovely comment---I hadn't expected anyone to even look in, as I really didn't intend to post here at all until Sis and I could collaborate on some remembrances of our Southern upbringings.

    She's off on a long cruise, so it will be a while, I think.

  3. Wow! Another blog you have created for us to follow and enjoy! Like the song by the Tractors goes: I like it, I love it, I want somee more of it!

    Thanks, Jon on Labor Day

  4. Oh, Jon!! You can always be counted on to be my cheering section---the admiration is mutual, you bet.

    I honestly started this one just to secure the title---Sis-in-Texas and I intend to do some back and forth of memories and reminiscences of our life/lives---she's much younger, and saw the family and the world of the South through a different spyglass than I, and we thought we might compare thoughts via this, with any commentary welcome. She intends to move back soon, dreaming of Tara and verandahs and juleps and wisteria. I, too, love the THOUGHT of those things, but will never live there again if I can help it. I just can't stand the heat at my age.

    And then---and THEEEENNNN! I posted on here one day by mistake---a whole post intended for Lawn Tea, and when I deleted it, the big ole gap left just cried out for SOMETHING---like you can't go to the party empty-handed, you know.

    So I just dotted in this little bit, and now and then might throw in a thought or two, and perhaps Sis will start one that I'll respond to, etc. I seldom think of it until my silly site MAKES me sign in, as if I'm not on here enough to be recognized. Sheesh.

    Anyway, i didn't know anyone had looked. Won't be much, but we'll see, and you're welcome 24/7 at LAWN TEA---your chair and tea glass are a-waitin'. I'm just glad you're out and about, and choose to come see US.