Saturday, January 29, 2011


Photo by Keetha

In honor of our newest Follower, whose reading and opinion I value, and who never thinks I'm vulgar, no matter what.

HER? The one a-cacklin' fit to bust? That there’s Miss Carla Bethune, with her honky-tonk lipstick and that ratty old three-fox fur thing with ‘em bitin’ each others’ tails---that thing looks like sump'n you’d a drug out from under the porch. Who in the blue blazes would put sump’n like that around their NECK and wear it, anyway?. I swear she found that thing dead somewheres.

She always HAS been a bit of a heller, she has. Ever since that time she worked over there at Perkin’s PanAM, serving in the caffay---she got her eye on the School Superintendent that time, remember? He’d come in for a cup a coffee, and she’d fling everything on the menu at ‘im---know whudda mean? And her in that pink nylon uniform every day of the month, and it so thin it showed her Kotex belt some of ‘em.

One night she was out here in a pair a them wind-up-your-leg sandals---like in Quo Vadis? ‘member that? Those things twisted and turned like Jack’s beanstalk up them dumpy legs til who’d a thought it. And silver, at that. With big ole chunky heels---wadn’t SHE a sight?
She had on a white big-tailed dress like that one blowed up around Merrlunn MON-roe, and even though there wadden a breeze stirrin’, ever now and then, she’d sorta give a big gasp, stand there stiff-legged and spraddled a little bit and throw both hands down over her skirt, right in the middle. Then she’d just throw back her head, and giggle. Just ridicklus, that’s what it was. And kinda pitiful, too.

You come back just any time, OK? We’ll be right here---open all the time.


  1. That resembles one of our relatives who shall remain nameless even in death! What is really "ridicklus" is that we don't really have to go far to find sumpin to write about...or maybe it's sad...not quite sure.

    I'm making your pickles below right this very minute! They are done soaking and I'm-a-fixin to put-em-inna-brine!

    What's for supper Grandpa!

  2. In the South everyone knows someone like this!

  3. You have a way with Reminds me a bit of Brr Rabbit. I hope you'll take that as a compliment!

  4. Love that pink door! Yeee hahhhhh! :0)


  5. What a perfectly pink door! I "adore" it. :)

    Happy valentines day to you.

  6. Rachel, I am so thrilled I found you over here. As my Daddy Bill would've said, "I'm happier than a pig in slop".

    And, you know for a fact that I loving that pink door.♥

  7. Hi Rachel,

    I wasn't sure which blog to comment at so I landed on this one and I'm telling you that PINK worn door I have to save if you don't mind?? That's what I've got in mind for doing to the shutters we are going to build and the doors would look fabulous like this since my house is weathered cedar.

    I'm still laughing over your story..I love it!
    Thanks so much for visiting with me...

    Happy Pink,
    Stephanie ♥

  8. The pink door is gorgeous! I love weathered, rusted things!! Love the story here and your teacake story too~you do "tell a good tale"! Some bakeries around here sell teacakes, with just that right amount of icing. So delicious with a cup of coffee (or tea). Thanks for visiting me and the sweet comments too. Hope you have a wonderful pink week!!
    p.s. The chicken salad was purchased and I have a link to the caramel sauce (which I'm making again today because it's all gone!) on the name. Enjoy!!

  9. Boy, wood I luv to have ya fro my nabber.....I think we cud be kissin' cousins. Your blog is the best. Thanks goodness yu came to see my pink far portent. If ya look at the windows you’ll see the lights on inside the “HALL”. They play bingo in thar and have cake walks. Sadly Goshen is building a NEW and modern FDept and it is so sad. Someone wants to buy that building and put#$@%@$##%@%@#$ video games in it....YUCK!!!!! I Leave it alone and keep them thar far trucks in there. Have a great weekend.....Genie

  10. I thank you ALL for joining in and chiming in---isn't it fun to get comments??!! I post much more often on LAWN TEA, so I hope you'll all look in on that one, as well. I've just put up the third chapter on Memories of Music---all kinds throughout my life, and the ones which struck me or touched my heart, or are remembered fondly because of the company or the occasion.

    I DO love hearing from readers, and hearing their thoughts and memories, especially about Southern things and people.

    THANK YOU ALL FOR DROPPING IN!!! Please know how welcome you are.


  11. Hi! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog today!! I probably should have checked your other blog, but I LOVE that pink door!!!
    One of my biggest collections of depression glass is Mayonnaise bowls and ladels. I do have another pink one. but not sure how many others. I love amber and green glass best!!
    Happpy pink saturday!

  12. Rachel, I'm not sure what to say really. I love your story tales, the way you spell is the way I'm reading it out loud to my hubby, lol. If it wasn't for visiting my southern friend Daisy Duke in Ga. I wouldn't have had that cool southern accent. You see I'm French Canadian living in Canada. That tells you something, lol.
    My mom used to call them "kotex" too.
    I'm getting that same punk door soon. It's connected to a little old shack down my lane. Who ever lived there also LOVED pink. Everything is painted chippy pink. I think I would have loved her.
    Going to watch a hockey game. Hubby's driving, so pardon the mistakes. It's a bumpy road.
    Happy Sat.
    Live Claudie.